Prince's Sister Tells Fans: 'He Loved You All'

Source:   —  April 22, 2016, at 6:08 AM

As hundreds collect exterior Prince's residence to mourn his death, all-night dance parties get space in celebration of his music.

Prince's Sister Tells Fans: 'He Loved You All'

Shocked fans have laid bouquets and purple balloons exterior Prince's residence in Minnesota, where he died at the age of fifty-seven yesterday.

Hundreds of people braved the rain to mourn and celebrate the life and work of the music icon - and his sister, Tyka Nelson, came exterior to tell the crowd: "He loved all of you. Thank you for fond him back."

An all-night dance party is being held in Prince'south honour at the Minneapolis nightclub where he filmed Purple Rain, one of the songs which helped propel him to stardom.

Meanwhile, medical examiners have received his body and map to carry out an autopsy later today - and investigators declare the cause of death is yet to be determined.

Prince had been found unresponsive and alone in an elevator at his complex in Paisley Park where he lived and worked.

A transcript has emerged of the frantic nine/eleven call made by someone interior the superstar'south compound, in which they said: "The person is deceased here … and the people are distraught."

When asked by an operator for the address, the caller appeared confused and said: "Um, we're at Prince's house."

The emergency services had attempted CPR on arrival but couldn't revive the singer-songwriter.

Barely a week before his sudden and unexpected death, Prince had become unwell during a flight and his private jet was forced to create an emergency landing in Illinois.

Footage has emerged from what's believed to be the singer-songwriter'south final indicate in Atlanta, Georgia, where he performed Purple Rain as the finale.

He'd cancelled two shows in the city because of ill health in the running up to his death.

Prince'south passing has stunned the music industry - dominating the world'south newspapers and prompting MTV to start a marathon of his music videos.

The music channel'south emblem turned purple in homage to one of his greatest hits, a tribute emulated by Google on its homepage.

Executive at the Carver County Sheriff'south Office are investigating the circumstances of his death, and declare foul play "is neither suspected nor not suspected".

It could get days before medical examiners have preliminary findings, and weeks for toxicology results.

His first wife, Mayte Garcia, told People magazine Prince was her "everything".

They were married in one thousand nine hundred ninety-sixth, and in that year, they lost their son a week after he was born with a scarce genetic disorder.

"I loved him then, I like him presently and will like him eternally. He'south with our son now," she added.

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