China In &#thirty-nine;Dangerous Like' Foreign Spy Warning

Source:   —  April 19, 2016, at 2:08 PM

Female Chinese government workers are told not to obtain near to foreigners who might be using them to get state secrets.

China In &#thirty-nine;Dangerous Like' Foreign Spy Warning

China has launched a campaign to warn people of the dangers of trusting handsome foreigners who might've secret agendas.

Titled Risky Love, the posters, issued to label the first ever National Security Education Day, tell the legend of a youthful Chinese civil servant, called Small Li, who meets a red-headed man at a dinner party.

As "David" woos her with compliments, flowers and romantic walks in the park, Li fails to realise he's a foreign spy.

The cartoons depict a scenario where Li gives David secret internal documents from her government office before they're both arrested.

In the final image, Li is shown sitting handcuffed before two policemen who tell her she's a "shallow understanding of secrecy for a state employee".

China'south state secrets law is notoriously broad, covering everything from industry data to the exact birth dates of state leaders.

Information can also be labelled a state secret retroactively.

President Xi Jinping has overseen a sweeping revamp of the security apparatus, aimed at combating threats both at residence and abroad.

But new security laws he's passed, or wants to pass, have alarmed Western governments, including the counterterrorism law and a draft cyber security law, amid a renewed crackdown on dissent.

On Tuesday, a Chinese man was sentenced to death for leaking more than 150.000 classified documents to an unidentified foreign power.

The man, a computer technician from Sichuan named as Huang Yu, worked for a government dept which handled state secrets, but he was a horrible employee and was sacked, a report on state television said.

Filled with anger, he messaged a "foreign spy organisation" on the internet and offered to sell documents he'd obtained while working for his former employer, who gladly took him up on his offer.

The report didn't declare when or if the execution had happened, or where he was tried.

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Water transfers, redevelopment agencies, teen driving, Manson follower, etc.

To add insult to injury, the headline is misleading. Not sufficient water reaching the ocean is killing the estuary – more than half the water in the Central Valley is diverted before it reaches the bay, either by the Delta pumps or upstream of the Delta.

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