Front Runners Expected To Prosper In NY

Source:   —  April 19, 2016, at 11:20 AM

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lead in the polls, but both have been unable to shake off their rivals.

Front Runners Expected To Prosper In NY

It'south a key turn in a presidential race that's seemed overwhelmed by extreme, sometimes absurd pivot points. But NY really matters.

And this time, the high drama is being played out in a Democratic duel, an increasingly bitter race frequently eclipsed by the theatrics of their Republican counterparts.

If can deliver a game-changing shock, it'd be devastating for in the state she represented in the Senate for eight years.

But that'south not on the cards. Despite Mister Sanders' recent sweep, Mrs Clinton is way ahead in delegates and in the polls, here and across the country.

Her 74-year-old rival still has seemingly unrelenting motivation and he'south inspired and supported by a new movement of youthful people and those hoping for a radical change.

But Mrs Clinton has a political machine.

At a rally in Staten Island, she seems at ease, on the offensive and with her eye on another opponent, .

Much has been made of Mister Sanders' revolutionary, firebrand appeal, but this room is filled with people who tell me that it'south Mrs Clinton'south pragmatism they're attracted to - "policies" they say, "over promises", number matter how much they might subscribe to his ideals.

Just around the corner, a reminder of her enduring challenge - high unfavourability ratings.

I spot a sign hanging from a window which reads "Bernie not for sale".

Inside, Elaine Marchi, told me: "Hillary Clinton is a bright woman, but I always question her means to an end."

Elaine'south daughter, Laura, chips in: "For me, it's a visceral reaction. I just don't trust her."

And even her supporters concede there is an issue.

Simon Rosenberg, of the New Democrat Network, said: "Her Achilles heel is this email scandal, the speeches she'south given have given have left a lingering question about whether she'south been forthright ... I don't think she can running far from this stuff."

She can expect unrelenting challenges from Mister Trump, if the two assumed victors of NY win big.

The billionaire businessman, whose wedding Mrs Clinton once attended, is expected to cruise to victory.

But he's a delegate battle she has avoided.

NY should stabilise a bumpy few weeks for the Republican front runner, but he's made a blunder, .

It could dent his authenticity in a tough NY crowd, but that feels unlikely.

One thing is for certain. This is a symbolic stage in both contests.

There are two hundred forty-seven delegates up for grabs for Democrats, ninety-five for Republicans.

The numbers are big, but the symbolism is, as The Donald would say, "Huge!"

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