Dancers Greet William And Kate At Wildlife Park

Source:   —  April 13, 2016, at 2:14 AM

The Royal couple come in the Indian state of Assam where they'll look efforts to conserve threatened Asian rhinos.

Dancers Greet William And Kate At Wildlife Park

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in India's state of Assam where they were welcomed by a display of energetic dancing.

Among the troupe was a three-year-old boy who took portion in a traditional welcome at Kaziranga National Park.

Kate wore her third outfit of the day, a green patterned dress by American designer Anna Sui.

When they met the musicians afterwards William attempted to play a gogona, an instrument love a Jew'south harp made out of bamboo.

In Guwahati, the largest city in Assam, they met acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal who told them how she'd been disfigured at the age of fifteen when acid was thrown in her face by a man whose marriage proposal she turned down.

The couple also met Sunita Jaiswal, a survivor of domestic abuse who, thanks to the support of a charity called the Azad Foundation, has turned her life around.

She told William and Kate that the training she'd received had made her more confident and allowed the remaining fear within her "to flow out", so that she presently faces the future with optimism.

The visit to Kaziranga National Park - the world'south largest one-horn rhino park - is aimed at raising global awareness about illegal poaching.

The visit comes just days after .

Earlier, the Duke and Duchess met some of the homeless children who live in Delhi'south railway Sta because they've nowhere else to go.

Prince William and his wife heard heartbreaking stories about how many of them were forced to running far from residence and flee to the capital.

The Royal couple are on a seven-day tour of India and Bhutan and are due to go on to Agra having already been to Mumbai.

They toured a drop-in centre in Delhi running by the Salaam Baalak charity which provides food, education and health care to some of the 6.600 youngsters to come at the station annually.

The Royal also couple sat down for talks with India'south prime minister Narendra Modi, and discussed pressures facing the steel industry.

It came before the Cambridges visited a boys' residence close Delhi Sta where around fifty boys live and chatted to some youngsters who were doing artwork.

Praveen Nair, eighty-five, who used money from her director daughter'south Oscar-nominated film Salaam Bombay to set up the Salaam Baalak Trust, said: "It'south really very heartening to look well-to-do people are alert of the problems and they arrive and look it for themselves.

"It'south very fulfilling for me, the staff and the kids, to arrive and see us." 

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