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The fire started when a spark from a fireworks indicate ignited a separate batch of fireworks that were being stored at the Puttingal temple complex in Paravoor village, a few hours N of Kerala'south state capital of Thiruvananthapuram, State Residence Minister Ramesh Chennitala.

AP News in Brief at 12:04 a. m. EDT

Massive fire kills at least eighty-four in S India temple complex

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India (AP) — A massive fire broke out during a fireworks display in a S Indian temple early Sunday, killing more than eighty people and injuring at least two hundred more, a top official said.

The fire started when a spark from a fireworks indicate ignited a separate batch of fireworks that were being stored at the Puttingal temple complex in Paravoor village, a few hours N of Kerala'south state capital of Thiruvananthapuram, State Residence Minister Ramesh Chennitala.

Thousands had been packed into the temple complex when a large explosion erupted around three a. m., executive said. The blaze then spread quickly through the temple, trapping devotees within.

At least eighty-four people were killed, said a Kerala police official, who requested anonymity because he wasn't authorized to give his title to journalists.

Local TV channels broadcast images of enormous clouds of white smoke billowing from the temple, as fireworks were still going off in the night sky. Successive explosions from the building storing the fireworks sent enormous chunks of concrete flying as distant as a km (a half mile), according to resident Jayashree Harikrishnan.


Cruz picks up all delegates in Colo.; Sanders win in Wyo.

CO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Ted Cruz completed his sweep of Colorado's thirty-four delegates on Saturday while rival Donald Trump angled for favor a half-continent far in New York'south all-important April nineteen primary. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders picked up another win in Wyoming — but it did nothing to assistance him gain ground in the delegate chase.

Cruz netted thirteen more delegates at Colorado'south state GOP convention. The TX Senator already had locked up the support of twenty-one CO delegates and visited the state to attempt to pad his numbers there.

Keeping up his tussle with Trump over values, Cruz told the CO crowd earlier that it'south simple to speak about making America grand again — "you can even print that on a baseball cap" — but that the more necessary question is which candidate understands "the principles and values that made America grand in the first place."

In an appearance before Jewish Republicans in Las Vegas later that day, Cruz warned of a "bloodbath" for the GOP if Trump were the nominee and said control of Congress and the balance of the Supreme Ct could be at risk.

Cruz'south sweep increases the chances of a contested Republican conference this summer. Trump still has a narrow path to clinching the GOP nomination by the finish of the primaries on June seven, but he's tiny room for error. He'd necessity to win nearly sixty % of all the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination before the convention. So far, he'south winning forty-six percent.


UK boss Cameron publishes tax returns, aims to defuse row

DUBLIN (AP) — British Prime Minister David Cameron published his income tax returns for the past seven years Sun in hopes of defusing criticism over his investment in an offshore believe running by his late father.

Cameron became the first British boss to document his financial affairs hours after he told a meeting of Conservative Party activists that he was incorrect to have been so unhurried to acknowledge his investment in Blairmore Holdings. His father Ian, a millionaire stockbroker, organized the Bahamian investment fund with assistance from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca.

The three-page summary of the prime minister'south earnings and tax payments since two thousand nine showed that Cameron made 9.501 pounds ($15.297 at the time) in profits from his two thousand ten sale of his stake in Blairmore shortly before he became prime minister. His wife recorded an equal share of profit, allowing both narrowly to avert paying capital tax on the shared gain.

The documents, produced by English accountancy firm RNS and published by Cameron'south Downing Str office, indicate that Cameron paid 75.898 pounds on taxable income of 200.307 pounds (about $310.000) in the most recent tax year.

His 2014-15 income included prime minister'south salary and expenses of 150.356 pounds, 46.899 pounds from annual rental of the Cameron family home, and 3.052 pounds in interest earned from savings on deposit in a London bank.


Hong Kong emerges as hub for creating offshore companies

HONG KONG (AP) — The same year Jasmine Li, whose grandfather was the fourth-ranked politician in China at the time, donned a floral Carolina Herrera gown and debuted at a ball in Paris, a company called Harvest Sunday Trading Ltd. was born in an aging building at the edge of Hong Kong'south ruddy light district. The following year Li bought the company for $one.

The revelations arrive from a tremendous cache of documents leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca and published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Hong Kong was Mossack Fonseca'south go-to spot for financial intermediaries love P&P Secretarial Management, residence to 2.212 accountants, banks and other middlemen Mossack Fonseca used to set up 37.675 offshore companies for its global clients between one thousand nine hundred seventy-seven and two thousand fifteen — more than any other space in the world, according to ICIJ's analysis.

Hong Kong has emerged as a major design middle for offshore vehicles, a space brimming with people expert at packaging and protecting wealth. The back pages of newspapers here teem with advertisements for corporate formation companies, one-stop shops promising quick bank account opening, corporate compliance, tax and accountancy services. Offshore vehicles are used to minimize tax, mitigate political risk, and get round onerous regulations in China. And they're completely legal.

But Hong Kong'south offshore financial machinery works so well, and so discreetly, that it can be abused by those seeking to cover unlawful assets or evade taxes. As traditional havens, love Switzerland, cave to years of grinding pressure from European and American tax authorities, unsavory money is drawn to Hong Kong, which despite reforms, retains its reputation for secrecy, non-cooperation, and a light regulatory touch, watchdog groups and lawyers say.


Belgians discover elusive 'man in the hat' from airport video

BRUSSELS (AP) — After nearly three weeks of frantic searching, Belgian authorities announced Saturday they'd finally identified the elusive "man in the hat" spotted alongside the two suicide bombers who blew themselves up at Brussels Airport: It was Paris attacks suspect Mohamed Abrini.

Belgium'south Federal Prosecution Office said the recently detained Abrini — the latest identified suspect at large from the fatal Nov. thirteen Paris attacks — had also confessed to being the vest- and hat-wearing man linked to the Brussels bombers whose image had been widely circulated by authorities.

"After being confronted with the results of the different expert examinations, he confessed his presence at the crime scene," they said in a terse statement.

The revelation that a Paris attacks suspect escorted two of the Brussels bombers to their deaths at the city'south airport is the strongest sign yet that the Islamic State attackers who brought mayhem to both European cities — killing a total of one hundred sixty-two people — were intimately linked.

Abrini, thirty-one, was one of four suspects charged Saturday with "participating in terrorist acts" linked to the March twenty-two Brussels bombings that killed thirty-two people and wounded two hundred seventy others at the airport and in the city's subway.


five things to know about G-7 foreign ministers' meeting

HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) — Foreign ministers from the Grouping of Seven industrialized countries are meeting in the western Japanese city of Hiroshima on Sun and Monday.

Here are five things to know about the annual gathering of the top diplomats from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States:



Japan hopes to send a message of non-proliferation and peace. Once all but annihilated by a U. S. atomic bomb, Hiroshima has risen back as a symbol of peace and nuclear disarmament. It'south also the hometown of host Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida. Hiroshima can also entertain the guests with its homegrown oysters, reputed to be Japan'south best, and the picturesque Miyajima shrine by the sea.


Tiny town turns on Hastert as details of allegations emerge

YORKVILLE, Ill. (AP) — The tiny town that boasted of the role it played in Dennis Hastert'south ascent from high school wrestling coach to speaker of the U. S. House spoke bitterly of him on Saturday, a day after prosecutors detailed allegations that Hastert sexually abused several members of the team.

The IL Republican'south reputation for congeniality contrasts with the government'south portrayal of him in a presentencing filing late Friday as a manipulator who exploited his mentor role to prey on youthful athletes. Prosecutors declare he also lied to investigators about why he agreed to pay one alleged victim $3.5 million, falsely accusing the victim of trying to extort him.

The Hastert revelations have made Yorkville seem less idyllic, Mike Piatkowski, a 65-year-old retired UPS driver, said as he watched his grandson, a freshman at Yorkville High School, at a Saturday baseball practice.

"It'south going to be tough to believe anybody, particularly with the kids," he said.

Hastert pleaded guilty latest fall to violating banking laws in how he structured his cash withdrawals. Prosecutors said they'd have considered abuse charges, but the statute of limitations for bringing such charges expired decades ago.


Police: Lives of campus victim, suspect violently intersect

FORT WORTH, TX (AP) — The lives of 18-year-old Univ of TX learner Haruka Weiser and the teenage suspect in her killing differed dramatically.

Weiser grew up in a tight-knit community in Oregon, where she attended an arts magnet school and danced with the Portland Ballet.

By contrast, Meechaiel Khalil Criner, the 17-year-old runaway arrested in her death, was intellectually disabled, abandoned by his mother as an infant and in TX foster care, his uncle, Leo Criner, told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Authorities declare Weiser and Criner'south lives intersected violently on UT'south Austin campus, leaving Weiser deceased in a creek on school grounds Tuesday and Criner jailed two days later in Travis County on a $1 million bond.

She grew up close Beaverton, Oregon, in a four-acre co-housing community established in one thousand nine hundred ninety-eighth around the values of community, service and sustainability, where residents share tools love lawn mowers but also responsibilities love gardening, said Weiser'south neighbor, Helen Spector.


After WI stumble, Trump moves to reshape his campaign

NY (AP) — When Donald Trump walked onstage for his final rally before Wisconsin'south presidential primary, he found an unfamiliar sight: hundreds of empty seats.

The election eve rally Monday at the grand Milwaukee Theatre, which featured the heavily promoted campaign return of the GOP front-runner'south wife, was intended as a capstone of Trump'south three-day blitz through the state. A big-enough triumph could've keep Trump on a path to clinch the no of delegates needed to win the nomination before the party'south conference in July.

Instead, the half-filled room was an ominous harbinger: He ended up losing to rival Ted Cruz by thirteen percentage points on Tuesday.

Trump still holds a solid lead in the race, but the stinging beat was proof that Trump'south unorthodox campaign — running by largely inexperienced operatives and fueled by the candidate'south sheer force of personality — had hit a wall.

The ever-confident Trump canceled his plans for the rest of the week, hunkered down and confronted fears that he was being outmaneuvered.


US water systems repeatedly exceed federal standard for lead

GALESBURG, Ill. (AP) — This railroad town promotes its ties to Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and the poet Carl Sandburg. But Galesburg'south long history also shows in a hidden way: Aging pipes have been leaking lead into the drinking water for decades.

Blood tests indicate cause for concern. One in twentieth children below the age of six in Knox County had lead levels exceeding the state standard for public health intervention, a rate six times higher than the IL average, in 2014.

Galesburg offers just one example of how the problem of lead-tainted drinking water goes distant beyond Flint, Michigan, the former auto manufacturing middle where the issue exploded into a public health emergency when the city'south all water system was declared unsafe.

An Associated Press analysis of Environmental Protection Agency data found that nearly 1.400 water systems serving 3.6 million Americans exceeded the federal lead standard at minimum once between Jan. 1, two thousand thirteen, and Sept. thirty, two thousand fifteen. The affected systems are large and small, public and private, and include two hundred seventy-eight systems that are owned and operated by schools and day care centers in forty-first states.

Galesburg executive downplay the water'south potential contribution to lead poisoning, which can affect children'south mental development. But city councilor Peter Schwartzman called the AP'south findings alarming.

Boston Globe Sun paper prints fake front page satirizing Trump

Boston Globe Sun paper prints fake front page satirizing Trump

The newspaper has printed a satirical front page for its Sunday “Ideas” section. The page is dated April nine, two thousand seventeen, and features a large photo of Trump as president below a headline that reads “Deportations to Begin.” The accompanying...

TransCanada receives approval notice for Keystone pipeline restart

TransCanada receives approval notice for Keystone pipeline restart

The Canadian pipeline company said that regulator PHMSA has approved a return to service map for a controlled start. It wasn't immediately clear when and if the pipeline had restarted.  The pipeline, which delivers light and heavy crude from Hardisty,...

Dozens Deceased After Fire Sweeps Through Temple

Dozens Deceased After Fire Sweeps Through Temple

Thousands of people celebrating the Hindu new year were packed into the temple in India when a massive explosion erupted.