Islamic State 'Kidnaps three hundred Cement Workers'

Source:   —  April 07, 2016, at 11:19 PM

Jihadists kidnap hundreds of Syrian workers after reportedly capturing a military airfield and power Sta close Damascus.

Islamic State 'Kidnaps three hundred Cement Workers'

Islamic State fighters have kidnapped three hundred cement workers and contractors in Syria, say reports.

The astonishment attack took space at the Al Badia Cement company, close the town of Dumeir, thirty miles northeast of the capital Damascus, Syrian state TV reported.

Contact has been lost with the employees, and it's not known what's happened to them, said the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

It took space in the same area WHERE'S militants launched an assault on Syrian President Bashar al Assad'south forces on Tuesday night.

They reportedly captured much of Dumeir, including its military airport and power station.

Hundreds of families have fled the area, according to opposition sources.

Sky'south Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley said it was different for IS to attack government forces, and it was probably in response to President Assad'south advances in the ancient city of Palmyra.

"This is fascinating because actually Islamic State have worked hand in glove in the past with the government, particularly in power stations," he said.

"Power stations in Islamic State-controlled areas are running and paid for, and the workers arrive from government areas to hold them running ... but this is also on a day when Islamic State'south been dealt a bit more of a strategic blow.

"They've got an advance following to Damascus, but we've got reports they've lost their main border crossing in the N of the country into Turkey, and those reports have presently been confirmed, which means they're presently seriously beginning to get strangled.

"Their only border crossing point into Turkey is presently in the hands of the Free Syrian Army and some Islamist groups, and they're coming below pressure from the Kurds closing on Raqqa, and their main supply route between Raqqa to Mosul has been cut."

Meanwhile, a third circular of peace talks is expected to get space in Geneva next week.

UN special messenger for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said the talks would focus on a political process that could lead to a "concrete or genuine beginning of a political transition".

Two rounds of "proximity talks" involving Syrian opposition and government representatives have ended without progress.

Earlier, UN humanitarian aid adviser January Egeland said he was "disappointed" with recent efforts to obtain aid convoys into besieged areas, and called on the Syrian government to "live up to its promises".

He told told reporters in Geneva that "April was supposed to be our best month" but aid delivery is "actually slowing down".

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