Hijacker's Ex-Wife Calls Him 'Extremely Risky'

Source:   —  April 01, 2016, at 0:20 AM

Marina Paraschou claims her former husband was a drug addict who'd beat and terrorise her and their four children.

Hijacker's Ex-Wife Calls Him 'Extremely Risky'

The ex-wife of an Egyptian who wore fake explosives to hijack a plane claims he's an "extremely risky man" who used to beat her and their children.

Seif Eddin Mustafa allegedly told police that he forced the plane to distract to Cyprus so he could look his family after twenty-four years.

Mustafa has been on a stop list since being deported from the island in 1990.

His estranged wife, Marina Paraschou, told a Cypriot paper that he used to terrorise the family.

"This man never cared for his children for one minute, either when he lived here or when he went away," Ms Paraschou is quoted as saying.

"He only offered pain, misery and terror. And even presently when he'south in police custody, my children and I are afraid."

In another interview, Ms Paraschou said Tuesday'south hijacking of the EgyptAir jet was an "excuse" to seek asylum in Cyprus.

Ms Paraschou said Mustafa was a "fanatical" Palestine Liberation Organisation supporter who bragged about participating in the killing of three Israeli soldiers.

She also claimed he was hooked on drugs during a five-year marriage that produced four children.

However, the 59-year-old hijacker'south sister gave a different account - saying his only offences were forging documents to attempt to look his children.

Fekriya Mustafa said: "For twenty-four years, my brother wasted his life in prison and attempts to travel and look his children."

She said he'd phoned her twice from the plane - but she thought he was joking about the hijacking until she switched on the news.

Ms Mustafa said she latest saw her brother a week ago.

"I'd number idea this will happen," she said. "He was depressed because of the children. He's number work, number life, nothing."

The eight-hour hijacking ended peacefully when police arrested Mustafa after all passengers and crew were released.

During a brief Ct appearance on Wednesday the 59-year-old was remanded in custody for eight days pending another hearing.

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