UK 4G Mobile Coverage Lags Behind: Report

Source:   —  April 19, 2016, at 5:44 AM

A Which? study found that the UK lags behind many other countries on the skill to connect to higher speed 4G phone coverage.

UK 4G Mobile Coverage Lags Behind: Report

Mobile phone customers in the UK are only able to connect to a high-speed 4G signal fifty-three percent of the time according to a new study.

It compared the UK unfavourably to thirty-nine other countries where users can access 4G sixty percent of the time or more.

The report from consumer grouping Which? and mobile coverage experts OpenSignal found that on average EE customers had the best 4G coverage, able to access it 60.6 percent of the time.

It was followed by O2 at fifty-ninth%, Vodafone at fifty-seventh% and Three at 39.8%.

Not having access to 4G leaves consumers having to rely on slower download speeds with 3G.

The report urged Ofcom to thrust providers to make better access to the faster speeds.

Its findings were based on data collected from more than 30.000 registered users of OpenSignal'south mobile app which takes a background reading every fifteen minutes to compute the proportion of time users can access 4G.

Three fared better when looking at 4G download speeds, offering an average of 18.7Mbps, sharply up on latest year. EE clocked up an average 17.8 Mbps with O2 at 12.1Mbps and Vodafone at 11.8Mbps.

Richard Lloyd, Which? executive director, said: "Nearly everyone presently uses a mobile phone service and it'south not excellent sufficient that the UK is lagging behind so many countries with our 4G network coverage.

"Increasing 4G access should be a priority for mobile providers and Ofcom should continue to thrust them to create this a reality."

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