Robot Finds Number &#thirty-nine;Nessie Trench' In Loch Ness

Source:   —  April 13, 2016, at 5:01 AM

A robot has been searching the depths of Loch Ness following claims of an underwater trench housing the fabled monster.

Robot Finds Number &#thirty-nine;Nessie Trench' In Loch Ness

A state-of-the-art underwater robot is carrying out what's been described as "the most in depth survey of Loch Ness ever".

Initial findings from 'Operation Groundtruth', involving an intelligent marine scanning device, claim to disprove the so-called Nessie trench.

Earlier this year a retired fisherman said he'd discovered a new crevice large sufficient to fit the legendary monster.

Sonar imaging presently claims to indicate that there is, in fact, number anomaly or abyss in that specific location.

Adrian Shine, boss of the Loch Ness Project, said the robot, which is called Munin, can approach areas of interest and image them at "extremely high resolution".

It uses sonar imaging to map vast areas to depths of 1500m.

He told Sky News that Loch Ness is 230m deep but that there had been claims the loch was deeper and had a "special trench".

But he added that the torpedo-like robot had searched the area but "sadly the trench isn't there".

"So the Nessie'south lair of a few weeks ago does not exist."

The Loch has been notoriously challenging to survey in the past because of its depth and steep slopes underwater.

Visibility is also extremely destitute because of the peat content of the water from the surrounding soil.

The underwater robot is generally used to look for for downed aircraft, sunken vessels and forensic marine investigations.

The team behind the look for declare they're confident more discoveries will be made in the loch.

In the past a Wellington bomber from World War Two was found, as well as a 100-year-old fishing vessel and debris from a lethal speed record attempt in 1952.

Malcolm Roughead, chief executive of VisitScotland said: "We're excited to look the findings from this in depth survey by Kongsberg.

"But number matter how state-of-the-art the equipment is, and number matter what it may reveal, there will always be a sense of mystery and the unknown around what really lies beneath Loch Ness."

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