Third Of Stalking Victims Are Harassed Online

Source:   —  April 13, 2016, at 5:01 AM

Campaigners declare police necessity more training to assistance them realize how online stalkers work and inquire into complaints.

Third Of Stalking Victims Are Harassed Online

More than one in three stalking victims is presently harassed online, according to a new study.

The survey of more than 4.000 British adults found that nearly one fifth of British women (18.1%) and eight per century of British men declare they've been stalked.

And of all those who have been stalked - online and offline - only 26.6 percent reported it to the police

Claire Waxman, the director of Voice4Victims and a victim of stalking for twelve years, told Sky News: "The whole profile of a stalker is they've fixated obsessive behaviour, so they'll attempt and discover any which way to communicate with their victims.

"So what'south happening in the digital world, it'south just giving them more and more tools to utilize to access victims, to stalk them, to harass them and to obtain information which fuels their compulsion."

Rachel Griffin, director of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which carried out the survey in organization with YouGov, said technology firms could do more to help.

"The unfortunate reality for a lot of people is that they perceive they've really got nowhere to hide.

"We've really got to train up the police and other parts of the criminal justice system to really realize how to inquire into and prosecute digital stalking. It'south number longer something that can be treated as an add-on.

"Technology companies do have a responsibility, yes… They could do an bad lot more."

Facebook, Twitter and Google all declined Sky News' request for an interview, but Tech UK, the trade body that represents technology firms, said technology was only one portion of the solution.

Charlotte Holloway, head of policy at Tech UK, said: "Treating this is as an online-only crime doesn’t obtain to the heart of the problem.

"It doesn't assistance the police tackle the problem and it doesn't ultimately bring victims the justice they need.

"Instead, we necessity to encourage the police and CPS to continue to work with tech companies on the nature of these crimes and how they're changing."

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