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Accel leads $22.8M Series A in Swedish telehealth startup, KRY
June 29, 2017, at 7:14 AM

(Which does implore the question what the Dr in the over promo photo will be doing with the stethoscope that’s draped over his shoulders… ) Its pitch is that KRY reduces pressure on highly strained healthcare systems by offering a “more accessible and convenient digital consultation service”, by allowing patients to obtain a video-based consultation from the consolation of their home, using KRY’s app.

Binary Capital is being sued by a former employee for harassment
June 29, 2017, at 4:27 AM

In the lawsuit, filed in the Superior Ct of CA in San Mateo County, Lai claims Caldbeck texted her repeatedly after she left the firm, threatening her not to disparage or divulge information about the company.

The Eero Beacon is the perfect addition to its family of mesh WiFi products
June 29, 2017, at 1:42 AM

Out of the box it only takes a few minutes to establish the Eero app, connect a base router to your cable modem and obtain a network up and running.

Amazon’s two thousand seventeen Prime Day sale will be July eleventh
June 29, 2017, at 1:41 AM

As a refresher, you've to be a Prime member to access these deals, although you can technically sign up for the free trial option. This year there will be thirty hours of sales, starting at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Monday July tenth and continuing through all of Tuesday July eleventh.

In aftermath of Petya, congressman asks NSA to stop the attack if it knows how
June 28, 2017, at 10:54 PM

Latest month, the ransomware known as WannaCry also leveraged EternalBlue in order to spread between networked machines that haven't been updated to defend them from the vulnerability, which Microsoft issued a patch for back in March (MS17-010).

It’s not your imagination, you're waiting longer for an UberPOOL using your commuter card
June 28, 2017, at 10:54 PM

This morning I'd one of these friends test it out and send me screenshots. The wait using his commuter benefits card to pay for UberPOOL was twenty-five minutes.

June 28, 2017, at 10:53 PM

C.-based civil rights grouping has filed a lawsuit against Uber, alleging that the ride-hailing company has chosen to not to comprise wheelchair-accessible vehicles in its services.

Lawsuit claims Uber ignored attempted murder conviction of driver who later raped passenger
June 28, 2017, at 8:09 PM

Doe originally met Ammi through the Uber app. After the initial ride, they exchanged numbers in an attempt to coordinate rides through Uber in the future.

Nutanix introduces two new tools in quest to oversimplify hybrid cloud management
June 28, 2017, at 8:09 PM

As the first service, they're rolling out a catastrophe recovery product, but it’s not love your typical Doctor product, Nair says. Instead of simply duplicating your file structure in another place, it duplicates everything from your files to your licenses to the appropriate IP addresses.

Teaching robots to memorise about the world through touch
June 28, 2017, at 8:08 PM

It starts as a series of random grasps — the big, ruddy robot pokes and prods clumsily at objects on the table in front of it. The process is beautiful excruciating to us humans, with around 50.000 grasps unfolding over the course of a mo of eight-hour days.

11-Year-Old TX Boy Invents Device to Prevent Hot Car Deaths
June 28, 2017, at 8:07 PM

For an 11-year-old boy, he'south unusually curious about big-picture problems, his dad says — from natural disasters to civil rights.

June 28, 2017, at 5:23 PM

Source: David Rumsey Map Collection Verrazano-Narrows Bridge one thousand nine hundred sixty-four, Bronx-Whitestone Bridge one thousand nine hundred thirty-nine, The Henry Hudson Bridge one thousand nine hundred thirty-six. Source: MTA Flickr City Corridor Station: one of the first stations opened by The Interborough Rapid Transit Subway (IRT).

Facebook Messenger launches Discover as it takes on chatbots (again)
June 28, 2017, at 5:22 PM

The platform is, you guessed it, all about discovering new bots to give a whirl. In the tab, you’ll be able to browse through categories of bots, look featured bots and check out the ones you’ve recently used.

While investment firms ponder ICOs, this team is barreling ahead with a $100 million ICO fund
June 28, 2017, at 5:21 PM

Because the offerings are unregulated, most venture capitalists stay wary of them, even as their very line of work suddenly looks threatened.

Diabetes management platform Glooko raises $35 million
June 28, 2017, at 5:21 PM

But it was more forthcoming today, claiming to have helped more than one million patients served by 6.000+ providers so far. But it'll necessity to continue to rapidly widen to compete with some of the larger players in the space, love Dexcom and Medtronic.

In new filing, Uber says it was unaware of Waymo data theft prior to lawsuit
June 28, 2017, at 5:20 PM

All of this came about after Anthony Levandowski, a key engineer leading Waymo’s self-driving car efforts, left the company and founded an autonomous trucking company called Otto, which was later acquired by Uber.

Twitch’s mobile app is adding livestreaming, shadowy mode and more
June 28, 2017, at 5:19 PM

These days, Twitch streamers can also running their own vlogs on the network or even share their interests exterior of gaming, love art, music, costumes, and more.

Analysts think Petya ‘ransomware&#eight thousand two hundred seventeen; was built for targeted destruction, not profit
June 28, 2017, at 5:19 PM

If the attacker doesn’t fulfill their side of the bargain, word gets out and number one else pays the ransom. Ultimately it’s in everyone’s interest to have the con work as advertised.

Waymo’s self-driving van hits the desert to look if it can stand the heat
June 28, 2017, at 2:40 PM

Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the world – temperatures have reached highs that can melt tires, particularly in and around the July four weekend timeframe.

Blue Apron significantly lowers its valuation with slashed IPO pricing
June 28, 2017, at 2:39 PM

Normally these price ranges move around, but this is a beautiful significant haircut for a company that looked love it was having a better two thousand seventeen aside from heavy burn on marketing and growth.

Intercom lands former Intuit exec Karen Peacock as its new COO
June 28, 2017, at 2:39 PM

Peacock comes with an impressive resume that starts with a BA from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford. She joined Intuit in two thousand-second and has taken on progressively more responsibility over the years culminating with her SVP role.

Mysterious stealth gaming startup Ponder announces $14 million in funding
June 28, 2017, at 2:38 PM

The startup is building what it claims to be a new breed of “VR-ready” gaming hardware in secret, but seems to have been gesturing loudly about just how secret it is.

Disrupt SF two thousand seventeen
June 28, 2017, at 2:38 PM

Grab a ticket at a discounted price, and arrive to look them speak about the ups and downs (mostly ups) that have gone into building their house, and their Houzz.

Zume Pizza adds additional automation as it rolls out to new cities
June 28, 2017, at 2:37 PM

With the new machinery, Zume is prepared to announce expansion to Palo Alto, where it'll be putting its decentralized delivery model to the test with a fleet of oven trucks and delivery scooters.

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