Republic FC laments, can anybody around here score?

Source:   —  April 25, 2016, at 4:28 AM

If you know how to keep the ball in the back of the net, please call Paul Buckle. The coach is in the market for a scorer on a team where goals these days are only a memory.

Republic FC laments, can anybody around here score?

Northern CA rain has filled reservoirs from Folsom to Shasta and Trinity, but there’s another drought up here that is two hundred seventy-six minutes in the making, or more than three consecutive USL matches for Republic FC. If you know how to keep the ball in the back of the net, please call Paul Buckle. The coach is in the market for a scorer on a team where goals these days are only a memory.

It’s not that Buckle’s boys aren’t trying. You could declare they’ve actually been dominating. In Saturday night’s 1-0 loss to Saint Louis FC at Bonney Field, they launched eighteen shots to the opponent’s six, and they worked the ball in for eleven corner kicks to the other guys’ one. The numbers were about the same in the loss to Portland earlier last week.

Soccer haters, who can’t seem to appreciate a excellent play unless it includes a point or more, decry the game’s lack of scoring. Their version of a excellent time was the NBA All-Star Game, where the W beat the E 196-173. If only Republic FC could score as GA Tech did in a one thousand nine hundred sixteen beat of Cumberland, 222-0, in a football game of another sort that helped Rambling Wreck coach John Heisman obtain a trophy named after him. Cumberland, however, would've gained a tie that day with Republic FC. A hundred years later, Buckle isn't a bit pleased about that.

The coach said he generally prefers to scanning his roster for adjustments about every eight matches. With his team scoring only two goals in five games, he’s thinking about stepping up the timetable to about right now.

“Yeah, we’ve been looking,” Buckle said. “We’ve been looking at strikers. We’ve got such a grand spirit here with the players. We’re a excellent side. I’m not going to declare we’re not a excellent team. We're a excellent team. But that final bit, at the top end – it takes some time. I wish to be patient. I don’t wish to rush into anything.”

But Buckle continued, “We know that we necessity one of the strikers to step forward. They know that.”

Republic FC flashed crispness and intensity early in Saturday’s fray against a team called upon to assistance St. Louis struggle past the loss of its other football team, the Rams, to Los Angeles. Middle back Derek Foran seemed particularly inspired. He won every ball in his vicinity and threw his body in front of a missile fired by Saint Louis midfielder Schillo Tshuma in the box in the eighteenth minute.

Foran appeared particularly determined early, maybe because of the focus directed upon him for losing a ball that led to the only goal in the Portland loss. It seemed painful, then, in the fifty-ninth min Saturday when Saint Louis turned around a Sacramento corner kick and the visitors’ Irvin Herrera ran through Foran on his way to the ruddy zone. Foran’s effort to stop him was met with a knee to the head, and the Irishman doesn’t recollect the subsequent sequence of events – Herrera’s delivery on his right to Mike Ambersley, who pinged one off Republic FC defender James Kiffe’s left side and between the sprawling hometown goalkeeper, Dominik Jakubek, and the near post.

“I’ll have to look it back,” Foran said. “We could've conceded a foul, which would've helped, but we didn’t.”

On the other end, Republic FC fans may have recognized the man in goal for Saint Louis. Patrick McLain patrolled the same areas latest year in Republic red. In the offseason, he applied for a work with the Chicago Fire, which hired him. He's yet to create it onto the field for the Major League Soccer squad, but the Fire was kind sufficient to lend him to Saint Louis on Friday. You ponder how Cubs and Cardinals fans would get to the soccer kinship that's taken keep between the towns. In any event, McLain has as many shutouts and complete games on the season as Jake Arrieta, another Chicago stopper.

For half of Saturday’s match, McLain turned far Republic FC within near earshot of the Tower Bridge Battalion. A hero to the finish zone rooting portion latest year, the McLain of two thousand sixteen endured his objective share of abuse Saturday from the TBB, which called him a horrible title in unison on every goal kick from the forty-sixth min on.

He called the experience “awesome.”

“I realize it completely,” McLain said of the Battalion’s insults. “It’s not personal for me. It’s not personal for them.”

The challenge for Republic FC presently is to discover a way to slip the ball past men such as McLain. Buckle likes the team’s talent up front – from loaners such as Adam Jahn, Label Sherrod and Tommy Thompson from San Jose, and from his own forces, including 20-year-old Harry Williams, who started Saturday and had several enjoyable runs that unfortunately ended in frustration for River City.

Buckle said the lack of scoring isn't all on the forwards. He wants more production from the wide areas, and he wants his backs to adhere their noses in there with a tiny tougher approach on corner kicks.

He wants scoring from everywhere, but right presently he’ll get it from anywhere.

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