Should NFL Coaches Blame Moms For Concussion Concerns?

Source:   —  April 16, 2016, at 7:13 AM

But is it really mom'south fault that their kid won't play football? Are most dads really so gung-ho about football? Or is there something else going on.

AZ Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians blames moms for concerns about concussions. But is it really mom'south fault that their kid won't play football? Are most dads really so gung-ho about football? Or is there something else going on.

With movies love "Concussion," President Obama voicing concern about the sport, and reports about death and debilitating head injuries to football players, America'south most favorite sport is clearly below siege. A KidsHealth poll shows two-thirds of parents are more concerned about concussions. And those who like the game are seeking to fight back. But are they lost the mark?

According to Yahoo Sports' Shutdown Corner, the AZ Cardinals coach of the NFL decided to tackle the issue head on.

"Asked at the clinic about football in light of concussions and CTE and the game being subject to more scrutiny over health and safety than ever before, Arians had some interesting observations.

'This is our sport, it'south being attacked,' he said Friday. 'We've to stop it at the grassroots. It'south the best game that'south ever been [bleeping] invented, and we've to create sure that moms obtain the message, because that'south who'south afraid of our game right now. It'south not dads, it's moms.'

'Our work is to create sure the game is secure at all levels. The head really has number business being in the game. There'south a lot of different teachers, but when I was taught how to tackle and how to block, it was on a two-man sled. You did it with your shoulder pads. That'south still the best way to do it.'"

But a recent survey shows it'south not about moms being against football for head injuries, and most dads being in favor of football, despite the risks.

A national survey taking by i9 Sports' non-profit agency revealed that it's more to deal with whether the parent played the game.

"ninety % of dads who suffered football-related concussions wish their children to play tackle football; forty-three % of football player dads declare there'south too much hype over concussions," the research showed.

Moreover "Of all football-playing dads polled, seventy-seven % declare tackle football is secure for children below age twelve even though more than three in five of these dads suffered a concussion themselves during their playing days."

Additionally, the survey found that a majority of football playing dads look getting a concussion as a sign that the kid is "playing hard." A no of these football dads look coaches valuing a win over safety, and don't look any concussion protocols being adopted.

Coach Arians may be incorrect about moms being to blame for holding their sons back from the game. As the i9 poll notes that"[football] dads declare most moms (sixty-one percent) consent with them that tackle football is secure for young athletes."

It seems that rather than singling out moms as the grouping to win over, or assuming all dads don't mind concussions, the National Football League should focus on football dads, and educating them on the importance of taking concussions seriously. As Coach Arians himself points out, there'south a proper way to play the game that doesn't leave your head vulnerable. Hopefully, playing bright won't create the game of football vulnerable either.

John A. Tures is a Prof of political science at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Ga. He can be reached at jtures@lagrange. edu.

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