New head coaches' plans for their quarterbacks

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The 49ers kept Colin Kaepernick on the roster on Thursday, guaranteeing his $11.9 million and giving Kelly the quarterback he'south excited to coach.

New head coaches' plans for their quarterbacks

For Chip Kelly, the painful waiting game is nearly over.

The 49ers kept Colin Kaepernick on the roster on Thursday, guaranteeing his $11.9 million and giving Kelly the quarterback he'south excited to coach. "Waiting is the hardest part," Kelly said latest week at the owners meetings.

The waiting game is almost over, too, for the seven men who were named new head coaches this offseason, all of whom are offensive minded. Starting Monday, Kelly and the other six new coaches can start teaching and preparing their quarterbacks for the new season. They've the opportunity to obtain a two-week leap on the rest of the league.

Ben McAdoo of the Giants and Dirk Koetter of the Buccaneers gave a possible preview of coming attractions. As offensive coordinators on the teams they've presently taken over, McAdoo and Koetter worked with Eli Manning and Jameis Winston, respectively. For Manning, the Giants' offense improved by 5.four points per game in two thousand-fourteenth and 2.5 points latest year, finishing with an average of 26.2 points per game, which ranked fourth in the league. Koetter helped Winston make better the Bucs' offense from 17.3 points per game in two thousand-fourteenth to 21.4 points last year.

Mike Mularkey made similar improvements with the Titans' offense, which averaged only fifteen.9 points per game in two thousand-fourteenth. With rookie Marcus Mariota as the quarterback, the Titans finished the season averaging 18.7 points per game .

The 49ers (fourteen.9), Browns (17.4) and Dolphins (19.4) were among the lowest-scoring teams in football latest season. Kelly lost his work in Philadelphia when his 10-win team dropped to 7-9 and his offense'south scoring fell 6.0 points per game to 23.6.

It'south not out of the question to expect improvements of two to three points per game in the offenses with these new head coaches, if they can work their magic.

Here'south what'south following for each new coach as they obtain a head start on the season and meet with their quarterbacks:

Cleveland Browns

New Browns coach Color Jackson and Robert Griffin III hit it off well in the meeting before Griffin'south signing. As a coach, Jackson doesn't keep back. "I asked tough questions and I expect to obtain tough answers," Jackson said. The Browns waited a few days and then signed Griffin to a two-year, $15 million. As offensive coordinator in Cincinnati, Jackson had a heart-to-heart with Bengals quarterback  Andy Dalton latest offseason, asking him for more leadership. Dalton responded with his best season. Jackson will attempt to work with Griffin'south footwork and create an offense that could work for Griffin and the quarterback that Jackson might acquire with the No. 2 pick in the draft, likely either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. Jackson will need some front-office assistance in getting him some excellent options at running back. Jackson believes in the importance of the running game to create life easier for a quarterback.

Miami Dolphins

Adam Gase'south résumé is amazing. With the Broncos, he earned the believe of Peyton Manning to the point that Gase made successful adjustments in Manning'south passing game. With the Bears, Gase accepted the challenges of Jay Cutler and won him over, cutting down Cutler'south interceptions and getting him to play with better rhythm. Gase even adjusted his own style when he worked with Tim Tebow. Getting the most out of Ryan Tannehill is his following assignment. The biggest gift Gase is delivering to Tannehill is the skill to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

"I think Ryan is going to appreciate playing in this offensive system because we're going to give him a lot of options," Gase said. "He'south going to have a lot of freedom."

Tannehill didn't have that the past couple of years. Gase learned to give quarterbacks more freedom during his stay in Detroit when Mike Martz was the Lions' offensive coordinator. Martz was one of the most creative offensive minds in coaching, experimenting with exotic passing plays that gave quarterbacks options. Gase said he likes Tannehill'south toughness, his mind and his accuracy. "Week by week, we love to hold things on offense fluid and not adhere to one thing," Gase said. "We wish players coming to meetings on Wednesday wondering what we've cooked up for them."

NY Giants

McAdoo brought the W Coast offense to the Giants. Eli Manning embraced it and prospered. The two-year education below McAdoo has added nearly eight points per game to the Giants' offense. First, McAdoo slice down Manning'south interception total from twenty-seven in two thousand-thirteenth to 14 in each of the past two years. Manning's completion percentage rose to nearly 63 percent. He was back into being a 4.400-yard thrower. "Eli'south best football is in front of him," McAdoo said. "I still think he's going to create another leap this year." The key to McAdoo'south success with Manning was improving footwork. "The W Coast offense and how it originated was to time things up with the receiver'south feet and the quarterback'south feet," McAdoo said. Improved footwork and confidence allowed Manning to play faster and better. Latest season, he looked more natural behind center.

Philadelphia Eagles

New coach Doug Pederson watched tape and noticed how Sam Bradford was improving below Chip Kelly in the second half of the season. Sometimes, it takes a quarterback half a year to perceive comfortable in a new system. Pederson'south offense shouldn't be much different than what Bradford learned in St. Louis when he came into the league in two thousand-tenth. Pat Shurmur, the Rams' offensive coordinator in two thousand-tenth, ran the W Coast offense while working with Andy Reid in Philadelphia from 2002-2008. Pederson just needs time to work on Bradford'south footwork, similar to what McAdoo did with Manning.

San Francisco 49ers

Kelly hasn't changed his stance since taking the 49ers job. He's been waiting for the chance to work with Kaepernick. "If he'south there on April 4, we'd be excited,'' Kelly said. Kelly'south wish has been granted. Kelly believes his fast-paced offense could work for Kaepernick. Heck, two years ago, Kelly was getting nearly thirty points of offense per game out of Label Sanchez. "Colin'south a mobile quarterback, and you can utilize that in a lot of different ways on offense," Kelly said. "I'm not going to utilize an offensive similar to Tom Brady for Colin. Colin has a lot of skills." Presently we'll just have to look if Kaepernick has the same enthusiasm staying in San Francisco.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Before the season, Koetter had a map to create sure Winston didn't toss too many interceptions. Koetter didn't reveal his strategy, but it worked. Although Winston has the gunslinger mentality of a QB love Brett Favre, he not only protected the ball well, but he also won over his teammates with his leadership. Winston completed 58.3 % of his passes for 4.042 yards and twenty-two touchdowns. He threw only 15 interceptions. Having Doug Martin in the backfield made life easier for Winston because he could rely on a running game. The following mission for Koetter is to make better Winston's completion percentage and obtain the offense up to twenty-four points per game.

Tennessee Titans

Mularkey got the head coaching work after showing he can keep together an offense that can defend quarterback Mariota from injury. The front office helped by acquiring running back  DeMarco Murray in a trade. Murray is better as an I-formation running back than he's taking handoffs out of shotgun, like he did in Philadelphia. That'll force Mariota to get more snaps from directly behind center. But Mariota shouldn't have trouble adjusting. He'south a fast study and will be backed up by a power running game.

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