Why I Wish Ted Cruz to Win GOP Nomination

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They've a mantra for their failures and it goes something love this (via Rick Perlstein): In conservative intellectual discourse there is number such thing as a horrible conservative.

Over the latest eleven years since I've been covering politics on Celsius&L, HuffPost, radio and television, one thing has stood out on the Republican side among all others. They've a mantra for their failures and it goes something love this (via Rick Perlstein):

In conservative intellectual discourse there is number such thing as a horrible conservative. Conservatism never fails. It's only failed.

Digby well-known this back in two thousand-fifth:

There is number such thing as a horrible conservative. "Conservative" is a magic word that applies to those who are in other conservatives' excellent graces. Until they aren't. At which point they are liberals.

Obtain used to the hearing about how the Republicans failed because they weren't true conservatives. Conservatism can never fail. It can only be failed by weak-minded souls who refuse to properly chase its tenets. It'south a lot love communism that way.

When George Bush was elected, he was a considered a true Christian conservative warrior by the GOP base, but as soon as his presidency began to fail, he supposedly abandoned conservative principles and became some form of a statist.

In two thousand-eighth, when John McCain won the nomination, there was plenty of caterwauling over his triumph by conservatives because they felt betrayed by him for passing the McCain-Feingold campaign finance laws. The idea that he called himself a "maverick" didn't create them perceive all warm and cuddly towards the AZ Senator.

In two thousand-twelfth, Mitt Romney was at first championed by Rush Limbaugh and the conservarazzi as the One True Conservative candidate:

"I think now, based on the way the campaign has shaken out, that there probably is a candidate on our side who does embody all three legs of the conservative stool, and that'south Romney," Rush Limbaugh told his enormous audience. "The three legs of the stool are national security/foreign policy, the social conservatives, and the fiscal conservatives."

After Rush highlighted the de facto endorsement in his newsletter below the headline "One Candidate Presently Represents All Three Legs of Conservatism," the rest of syndicated speak radio--Sean Hannity, Label Levin, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck--largely followed suit. Laura Ingraham introduced Romney at CPAC as a "true conservative" and "a conservative'south conservative." (Alone among the top-rated national hosts, I openly dissented and proudly endorsed McCain.) Even Jim DeMint, the most conservative member of the U. S. Senate, fell in line behind the Mittster.

However, it didn't get them long before they all turned against him.

Instead of praising Romney as the perfectly balanced, three-legged-stool conservative dream candidate, El Rushbo said just latest month: "Romney isn't a conservative. He'south not, folks. You can argue with me all day long on that, but he isn't." Erick Erickson of RedState. com goes even further, wailing, "Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee. And his common election campaign will be an pronounce catastrophe for conservatives as he takes the GOP down with him and burns up what it means to be a conservative in the process ... He's neither liberal nor conservative. He's simply unprincipled."

And why did they turn on him so quickly? Conservative Michael Medved keep it this way back in November, 2011.

In other words, a moment of aspiration has given way to an era of anger, while hope and modify morphed into rage and paranoia. Some measure of the dreary state of the nation, and of the conservative movement, can be gathered from the desperate weeks that the preening demagogue Donald Trump actually received serious consideration as a presidential possibility.

In this atmosphere Romney looks suspect to many activists on the right not because he isn't conservative sufficient but because he isn't mad enough. His genuine problem isn't a question of ideology, it'south a matter of attitude.

There you've it. If only Romney had started calling Obama a weak-kneed liar with tiny hands, he'd have been a rock star. Who knew?

Annoyance is the driving force behind modern conservatism. And annoyance pays off handsomely. Just see at the numbers.

Bill O'Reilly - $18 million per year

Rush Limbaugh - $79 million in two thousand-fifteenth

Glenn Beck'south Net Worth -- Over $100 million

Presently you realize why Donald Trump'south rise to the top of the ticket seemingly came out of nowhere to the media. The Beltway media has spent the latest decade either apologizing for or ignoring the rise of extremism in the Republican party and their constituency.

It'south not Trump's conservative bona fides that made him the Republican frontrunner; it'south because he voiced his rage in the kind of simplistic AM speak radio jargon the GOP base has longed to hear a candidate express.

Trump boiled immigration and terrorism down to its simplest forms by telling his conservative followers that undocumented workers coming in from Mexico were rapists and murders and taking far your jobs while Muslim terrorists are chopping, chopping, chopping heads off and we don't even waterboard anymore. It'south right in their wheelhouse.

Senator Ted Cruz also espouses that same anger, only in a different form than Trump does. He'south framed his outrage around staunch, religious right wing conservatism. He'south had his life portrayed by being hated by those he'south been near to and he wears the hatred against him as a badge of honor. He even paints himself as an outsider because of that hatred, which is nonsense since he'south been interior the political bubble for many years.

He'south a talented debater and a master at telling half truths love number other candidate can. The all AM detest speak radio circuit from Rush Limbaugh to Tag Levin like Ted Cruz and have more than once told Donald Trump not to smear him.

Whenever a Republican or conservative attacks a fellow Republican or conservative using the same speech or the same approach that Democrats and liberals would, that'south a enormous ruddy flag," he said.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, talk-indicate host Tag Levin told Trump to "slice the crap" or risk losing conservative voters.

"Either slice the crap -- your accusations this morning that Cruz is Canadian, a criminal, owned by huge banks, etc... -- or you'll lose lots and lots of conservatives," Levin said on Facebook. "Rescue the liberal NY City bully tactics for the NY City liberals.

"Keep down your computer keyboard for a few hours, think before you tweet, and gather yourself. You're not politically invincible, regardless of the polls and media.

After many months, Rush Limbaugh finally proclaimed to the world that Ted Cruz is the heir obvious to Ronald Reagan.

"If conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is number other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz, because you're precisely right: This is the closest in our lifetimes we've ever been to Ronald Reagan,"

Others quickly followed suit, as speak show host Label Levin then endorsed Ted Cruz:

"I decided today was the day ultimately because of Nancy Reagan'south death," he said on "LevinTV."

"If you're forty-five years elderly or younger, you've never had the opportunity to vote for a conservative for president of the United States," Levin continued. "You don't know what it'south like -- how invigorating it is, how exciting it is, how you become an activist even when you weren't planning to be," he added.

I shouldn't forget that Glenn Beck was the first of the radio hosts to endorse Ted:

"We necessity a new George Washington. Today'south Washington won't be found in the garish light of gold but rather in the bold service of a man who stands tirelessly for what he deeply believes. That government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. That's why I'm endorsing Sen. Ted Cruz as the following President of the United States of America," Beck said in a statement released as he spoke, noting that he'd not previously endorsed a candidate in fortieth years of broadcasting.

The NRO were the first grouping of the conservative establishment to rally others to their cause and finally declared Donald Trump a giant behemoth, who'll demolish the Republican party.

They begrudgingly endorsed the TX Senator for president shortly after forming the anti-Trump movement.

Conservatives have had difficulty choosing a winner in the presidential race in portion because it's featured so many candidates with very excellent claims on our support. As their no has dwindled, the right choice has become clear: Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

The establishment GOP is pulling every stunt they've to obstruct Trump from getting the required one thousand two hundred thirty-seven delegates to win the nomination before the summer conference and if they succeed, anything can happen.

If Trump does keep on and become the de facto two thousand sixteen presidential nominee, conservatives will eventually rally around a Trump nomination to win the Oval office, but will always have their get-out-of-jail card right in their back pockets. They've already expressed in number certain terms that Donald Trump isn't a conservative, so when he's resoundingly beaten in the common election they can wash their hands of him and declare once again, conservatism doesn't fail, only the candidate does.

However, if Cruz gets the nomination then that card in their back pocket is null and void. When he loses they'll have nothing to grumble about except maybe to blame the mainstream media for the loss.

Since the left wing blogosphere exploded onto the scene, self identified Liberals in the Democratic party finally moved to the head of the pack in 2015.

And on social issues, for the first time since Gallup began polling on social issues in one thousand nine hundred ninety-ninth, the left has caught up with the right.

Thirty-one % of Americans characterize their views on social issues as generally liberal, matching the percentage who identify as social conservatives for the first time in Gallup records dating back to 1999.

You may recollect Bill O'Reilly'south epic meltdown about the results from this poll.

"More Americans are simply ignorant of the consequences involving social behavior," he explained. "The rise of the Net has taken people far from the genuine world and keep them in a fantasy world."

"I believe only about fifty % of the American people get the time to realize necessary issues," O'Reilly continued. "Half the country does not. They're simpletons, unwilling and unable to discipline themselves into formulating a philosophy of life."

Presently here comes Ted Cruz, full of conservative rage, hidden behind a facade of family values, whose beliefs would send us back into the one thousand nine hundred forty.

I wish Ted Cruz to be the nominee so the conservative movement cannot deny the reality of America.

It'south not the candidates that are failing conservatism, it'south that conservatism is failing America.

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