PM: &#thirty-nine;No Apology' For £9.3m Pro-EU Leaflets

Source:   —  April 07, 2016, at 2:55 PM

David Cameron stands firm over the controversial, taxpayer-funded mail campaign, as he launches a drive to recruit youthful voters.

PM: &#thirty-nine;No Apology' For £9.3m Pro-EU Leaflets

David Cameron has said he makes "number apology" for a £9.3m leaflet campaign as he urged youthful people to vote to stay in the EU.

The Prime Minister defended the taxpayer-funded mail-out, which will go to twenty-seven million households across the country from following week.

Furious Leave campaigners have blasted the Government'south utilize of public money to fund the glossy 16-page document and urged voters to send theirs back to Downing Street.

Speaking to an audience of students in Devon, Mister Cameron brandished the leaflet and said: "The UK Government, with our experience, our understanding, our knowledge, we think we should stay in this organisation.

"So I create no apology for the fact that we're sending to every household in the country this leaflet, which sets out what the Government'south view is and why we arrive to that view - we're not neutral in this."

The leaflet is costing £458.500 to create, with £five.9m being spent printing and delivering it across the UK in two waves.

Another £2.9m will go on producing the website and promoting it via social media and other online platforms - a total cost of around 34p per household.

The leaflet, titled "Why the Government believes that voting to stay in the European Union is the best decision for the UK", will start to come through letterboxes in England next week - before "purdah" restrictions arrive into force ahead of May'south local elections - and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from the week after the May 5 elections.

Vote Leave campaigners have complained the cost of the promotional thrust is greater than the £7m each the formal Leave and Stay camps will be allowed to spend by law in total during the campaign'south last ten weeks.

Former defence secretary Liam Fox told Sky News: "It'south rather love the government of the day sending out a propaganda leaflet ahead of a common election - I think we'd all regard that as quite outrageous.

"I don't wish my taxes to be used for pro-EU propaganda so when I obtain my leaflet, I'm going to adhere it in an envelope addressed to No ten and I'd urge millions of others to do precisely the same."

The PM warned his audience they'd be hardest hit by a Brexit as he launched a drive to recruit the youthful people who are less likely to vote than more anti-EU older generations.

He said: "The facts are these. Youthful people are less likely to vote than older people.

"Yet you're the ones that are going to be most affected by the outcome - more than any other vote in your lifetime.

"The jobs you'll do, the prices you'll pay, the chances you'll obtain to work, study and travel - so many of your future opportunities are connected to whether Britain is in or out of Europe.

"And remember: it'south widely accepted there would be an economic shock if we left. Who gets hit hardest by those shocks? Young people.

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